Over the course of a year, Viktor Hertenstein entered the White House grounds 15 times. On April 1st 2002, Hertenstein was found unconscious. He was believed to have been a victim of the White House Heart.

A month later, Hertenstein awoke with no recollection of his experiences. -TC

Dear Mx. Hertenstein

You have recently come out of a coma. We understand you have many questions.

We have provided some answers below. When the DOCtors arrive you may ask for more information.


Who are the DOCtors


DOCtors stand for Defenders of the Organic Curtain.

If all goes well, you will be one yourself.


What is the Organic Curtain


It is the boundary separating the truth from the public. 

It is our duty to keep the Organic Curtain closed.

It will also be your duty soon.


What is behind the Organic Curtain


Behind the Organic Curtain is Reality's True Self

We must take action to prevent the public, our patients, from viewing her True Self.

You will learn to keep the Curtain


How will you keep the Organic Curtain closed


We have gone to great lengths to obscure Reality's True Self


Take the Memphis Pyramid for instance