Murder of Steve Watroba, Co-founder of Maize Machines

Steve Watroba, co-founder of Maize Machines, has been found murdered. He is suspected to be a victim of the notorious "Eye Killer," an alleged mythical figure who can kill without physical damage. Despite doubts, this incident has sparked fears in the community.

Ningen Sighting

Reports of a ningen sighting off the coast have been circulating. Ningen, the mythical sea creature, has been a topic of debate for years. Experts are divided on its existence, and this sighting has once again raised questions about the mysterious creature.

345th Copper Line Festival

Get ready for the upcoming 345th Copper Line Festival! Join us for a celebration of music, art, and culture. The festival promises a fantastic lineup of performances, exhibitions, and food stalls. Don't miss out on this vibrant event!