Item #: ZCP-4521

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: ZCP-4521 is currently uncontainable due to its nature of existing across multiple timelines. Efforts are focused on monitoring and documenting the events associated with ZCP-4521-1, particularly during the period surrounding the annual placement of a star atop Christmas trees.

Junior Researcher Virginia Arnoldson, identified as ZCP-4521-1 in this timeline, is to be closely observed for any signs of temporal anomalies or shifts. Should ZCP-4521-1 exhibit behavior consistent with falling into Wonderland, immediate notification of the Department of Temporal Anomalies is required.

The Department of Deletions is tasked with the ongoing investigation of the Arnoldson family records and any associated anomalies. All findings must be reported directly to the ZCP-4521 research team for cross-timeline analysis.


Description: ZCP-4521 is a temporal anomaly wherein a series of identical events recur across multiple timelines, involving ZCP-4521-1, identified as Virginia Arnoldson. The anomaly manifests annually with the placement of a star atop a Christmas tree, which triggers ZCP-4521-1's fall into a parallel dimension known as Wonderland. in our current timeline, ZCP-4521-1 is employed as Junior Researcher.


Wonderland is described as an endless forest of gnarled trees, where ZCP-4521-1 becomes trapped in the interstitial space between timelines. Observations suggest that ZCP-4521-1 is the epicenter of this anomaly, with her presence and actions being crucial to its occurrence.


Incident Report 4521-A
Location: Site-██

At approximately 1800 hours, Junior Researcher Virginia Arnoldson participated in the annual Christmas tree decoration ceremony. Upon placing the star atop the tree, anomalous activity was detected. Surveillance footage shows ZCP-4521-1 becoming momentarily transparent before vanishing from view.

Subsequent analysis confirmed that ZCP-4521-1 had fallen into Wonderland. Communications from the Department of Temporal Anomalies indicated similar incidents occurring across multiple timelines, all centering on an individual identified as Virginia Arnoldson. Junior Researcher Virginia Arnoldson returned 5 days later

Document Recovered by Department of Deletions
The following incomplete document was recovered by the Department of Deletions, suggesting the existence of a now-deleted Arnoldson family:

-...nce existed a family, the Arnoldsons, who were intrinsically tied to temporal anomalies.
-...most records expunged, likely due to cross-timeline interference.
-...Virginia Arnoldson remains as the sole consistent element across all known timelines.
-...investigate further to uncover potential causality and restore missing data.


Glitch Report
During a routine analysis of ZCP-4521 data, the following anomalous text was observed:




The origin of this message remains unknown. It is hypothesized to be a cross-timeline communication attempt, possibly from an alternate version of the Arnoldson family or an entity within Wonderland.
Addendum 4521-B: Further investigation into ZCP-4521's effects on the timeline and the potential restoration of the Arnoldson family records is ongoing. Junior Researcher Virginia Arnoldson remains under close observation, with protocols in place to address any immediate temporal distortions or glitches.