Object Class: A2

Mitigation Plan: A-003 is to be contained within a standard anomalous item containment chamber at Site-23. Access to A-003 requires Level 3 clearance, and experimentation must be approved by the Site Director. Any personnel found using A-003 without proper authorization will be subject to disciplinary action.

A-003 is to be stored in a secure locker when not in use, and all experiments involving A-003 are to be conducted in a controlled environment with temporal anomalies safeguards in place.

Description: A-003 is a Bulova analog wristwatch, designated as Bulova Temporal, with a unique anomalous property. The watch has the appearance of a standard Bulova timepiece, but its model (Bulova Temporal) does not correspond to any known Bulova model in the records.

A-003 is capable of manipulating time within a localized field around itself, extending up to 10 meters in diameter. The watch's primary anomalous effect activates when the crown is rotated clockwise or counterclockwise to set the time. A-003 allows for both forward and backward time manipulation, with an apparent range spanning from one second to several years.

Notably, A-003 is 100% accurate in its temporal control, allowing for precise adjustments to specific moments in the past or future. The watch's face displays time in both standard and anomalous modes, with the latter indicating the manipulated time within the localized field.

A handwritten note accompanied A-003 upon recovery, bearing the following message:

"this was my brother's watch. make sure he never finds it. -Beswican"

The identity of "Beswican" is currently unknown, and attempts to locate an individual matching that name are ongoing.