Object Class: C1

Mitigation Plan: A-002 is to be contained within a reinforced, climate-controlled chamber at Site-██. Access to A-002 is restricted to Level 4 personnel and above. The chamber housing A-002 must be equipped with a fail-safe mechanism to neutralize any attempted breach.

Under no circumstances are personnel allowed to make physical contact with A-002. Testing involving A-002 requires prior approval from the Site Director, and any experimentation must be conducted within a Class-5 containment chamber.

Description: A-002 consists of seven ornate spears, collectively designated A-002-1 through A-002-7. These spears are believed to have originated from an anomalous event involving the biblical figure Adam, the first man. Each spear is approximately 2 meters in length and is composed of an unknown metallic alloy that resists all attempts at analysis.

A-002-1 through A-002-7 exhibit unusual properties when wielded by a human subject. The spears are capable of piercing through any known material, including reinforced steel and [REDACTED]. When used in conjunction, A-002-1 through A-002-7 demonstrate a synergistic effect, allowing them to penetrate even reality-altering barriers.

The anomalous properties of A-002 become more pronounced when used as weapons. Subjects wielding the spears experience heightened physical abilities, increased strength, and accelerated healing. Additionally, A-002 appears to grant its wielder limited telepathic capabilities, allowing for communication with other individuals in close proximity.

The discovery of A-002 can be traced back to an incident involving a radical group known as "The Advocates for the Apotheosis of America" (AAA). On [DATA EXPUNGED], AAA launched a raid on Site-44, aiming to procure anomalous artifacts to further their goals. After the raid, A-002 was discovered within the Site's archives.

The Advocates, armed with A-002, successfully breached several containment areas, resulting in a containment breach of multiple anomalies. Site personnel engaged in a counter-assault, resulting in the neutralization of most AAA members. A-002 was eventually secured, but not before causing significant damage to Site-44.

Investigation into The Advocates for the Apotheosis of America is ongoing. It is unclear whether the group's actions were motivated by religious beliefs, political ideology, or other factors. No surviving members of the group have been located, and their ultimate objectives remain unknown.